Barry Trainor

Clinical hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist Barry Trainor is also known as Ricky Moore, this is his stage name as he is one of the country’s leading stage hypnotists for nearly 30 years who has worked in many parts of the world including being flown out to Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to entertain princes in their private palaces to being invited by royal appointment to entertain the Queens guards at Hyde park barracks amongst many more impressive appointments.

Barry is also an experienced hypnotherapist who helps his clients overcome many forms of phobia and addictions and will use their subconscious mind to get what they want by using many tools including hypnotherapy, visualisation, Neural linguistic programming, eye movement integration and thought field therapy.

Barry will be happy to work with you on a one to one or group setting as soon as you are ready. He understands that choosing a therapist is an exciting time and will be more than happy to have a free telephone consultation before deciding he is the right one for you.