Ellie Eitani

Provides Sports Massage and Cupping

I have worked with sportsmen and women of all levels, clients with specific injuries and those who use massage for stress relief and relaxation.

I have a unique holistic approach to my treatments. Using varied massage skills I combine classical traditional techniques with cupping and medical acupuncture to provide a personalised approach tailored to the need of each client. I aim to promote wellbeing and balance, relaxing tense muscles, improving circulation and range of movement and relieving pain.

“It always amazes me how much I enjoy giving treatments, discovering what best method to use, seeing the results and getting to know my clients”.

A recent feedback confirms my skill in massage therapy; the client had severe pain and muscle spasm, the doctor said it was sciatica.

“Hi Ellie, I feel amazing! Literally the next day it was as if I had never been in pain!! You saved my Christmas! I have been singing your praises to anyone who will listen!!”

I look forward to meeting new patients, with the aim of helping them attain a happier, healthier body and mind.