It is highly recommended that you arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will give you time to fill out any paperwork etc.

Scheduled  therapies are reserved for you and a 24 hour advance notice is required to cancel any service with no charge. If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, your appointment is considered confirmed. If changes or cancellations are made after the 24 hour time frame you are subject to a charge for each service.

Wear comfortable clothing to ensure a relaxing session. The Salt Therapy Room maintains a temperature of 70F and 40-50% humidity.   We encourage clients to walk around on the salt floor for added benefit and a better experience.  We also provide shoe covers for those who would prefer to keep their shoes on or have verrucas. 

No food or water is permitted in the Salt Room.  If there is a medical condition that demands the use of water during the Salt/Halotherapy session, accommodations can be made.

The Salt Room was designed to help you leave your worries behind with the aid of soft golden lighting, peaceful music, and comfortable reclining lounge chairs with fresh blankets provided. We encourage this quiet time to be used for relaxation or meditation. This will ensure a quality experience for all in attendance.

All sessions are 45 minutes long and begin on the hour every hour.

A dry throat or cough can sometimes be experienced; this is a normal effect of the dry aerosol created by the salt generator. This aerosol consists of micron sized salt particles which serve to break up mucus and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Arriving promptly for your session is imperative, as once the session has begun, out of respect for those already enjoying the effects, we do not interrupt the session that has started. If you cannot arrive on time, we will need to reschedule for the next available opening.

*Salt/Halotherapy sessions are 45 minutes long and begin every hour on the hour.

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy (Greek: Halos – salt; therapy – treatment) or Speleotherapy (Greek: Speleon – cave; therapy – treatment) originated in salt caves and mines. Salt therapy has been used for centuries and recently more and more studies have been done to better understand how it works.

Aside from the the already rich white salt which boasts the 84 elements our body consists of, a salt generator also crushes medical grade salt comprising of 99.9% NaCl (Sodium Chloride) into micron-sized dry aerosol particles that are inhaled. This white medical grade salt has a higher concentration of Sodium Chloride than Pink Himalayan salt; this is especially beneficial for respiratory health. Both white medical grade and pink Himalayan salt particles have anti-inflammatory properties which open the airways and reduce or eliminate mucus from the lungs.

Salt/Halotherapy is based on salt's natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties and the negative ions it produces. The rich negative ion effect can be felt in nature in places like the ocean, near waterfalls and in pine forests. Our micro climate of negative ions and abundant minerals and elements packs the benefits of three days at the ocean into a 45 minute session. In this day and age we are exposed to a barrage of electromagnetic fields that produce positive ions such as from TV's, cell phones, computers, power lines, appliances, etc. Himalayan salt’s natural production of negative ions benefits the whole body system and combats the effects of free radicals (positive ions) from our environment.

Anyone can benefit thanks to Salt/Halotherapy’s mood and immune enhancing effects. More specifically, Salt/Halotherapy can be a great benefit to those who suffer from the following conditions: Allergies, Asthma, Acne, Immune System Deficiencies, Respiratory Conditions, Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Cold and Flu, Cough, Infections, Eczema, Emphysema, Nasal Congestion, Psoriasis, Sinus Infections, Snoring, Sore Throat (in addition to many others).

A session will last 45 minutes. For mild to moderate respiratory conditions 10 to 12 sessions are recommended, depending on individual results. For skin issues it really depends on the severity of the skin, so would be on a case by case basis.   For best results the sessions should be 4 to 5 times per week. Since everybody responds differently to therapy, this is provided as an average upon which to gauge your personal experience. After that, one time a week for maintenance is recommended.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor or physician if you have any concerns before starting Salt/Halotherapy. People not advised to do Salt/Halotherapy are those experiencing: infections accompanied by fever, active tuberculosis, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol and/or drug intoxication.